Easily convert Google Sheets to an Enterprise Planning & Reporting System

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Establish a real-time connection between your selected source systems and the FinLogic.io Data Cube

You are not limited to one connection. Bring in as many data sources as you want.

Structure your FinLogic.io Data Cube based on your preferred dimensions and levels

Select your FinLogic.io Product Edition

FinLogic.io Analyze

A connector to transform Google Sheets into the interface of a system with centralized data and real-time ERP integration.

FinLogic.io Platform

In addition to the data governance and integration provided by FinLogic.io Analyze, FinLogic.io Platform provides enhanced business user, manager and administrator features.

Design your templates!

Avoid being locked in proprietary grids and code.

Any spreadsheet template you can imagine can be mapped to FinLogic.io.

Use our pre-built templates or customize your own from the ground up.

FinLogic.io cash flow sheet.

Deploy in weeks!

Your business users will remain engaged with the familiarity of spreadsheets.

Behind the scenes your data is centralized and your ERP is connected in real-time.

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