The Modern FP&A Platform for Finance and Beyond!

Replace disconnected spreadsheets with centralized data and real-time connection to your ERP

An image of a centralized database that connects to Google sheets.

Google Sheets Integration

Optimal online spreadsheet to keep finance and casual business users in a familiar planning environment.

Added features including centralized data, workflow and collaboration provides a complete FP&A platform.

Our Easy To Manage Workflow Will Keep All Steps On Time And On Track

Workflow icon

Managers who have responsibility over teams and processes can easily build, monitor and manage workflows

Another workflow icon

Individual users will be added to steps within the workflow and manage their assigned tasks

Organization collaborating

Enterprise Software With User Collaboration At Its Core

  • Improve planning alignment across departments
  • Modern Collaboration features drive user engagement, productivity and teamwork
  • Capture comments and conversations within context to improve decision making

Direct Integration To Your ERP And Other Source Systems

Image of integration between systems

Your Data Will Be Organized Into Cubes To Offer Optimal Performance

Image of cube

Build the hierarchy view that matches how you manage your business

Image of a cube

Import your hierarchy structure from your ERP as-is or reconstruct it as needed

Image of a cube

Manage multiple hierarchies

Image of a cube

For enterprises managing multiple ERP systems, use FinLogic to deploy a master chart of accounts

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