Establish your master data hub with a single source of truth across the enterprise!

FinLogic Data Cube is a proprietary and cloud-based multi-dimensional database that powers the platform. Cube Panel interface
Data Cube UI

Power your big data

FinLogic Data Cube is a robust data cube offering enterprise-level performance. It can scale to large data volumes and calculate complex calculations rapidly.

Load years of historical data and bring real-time data integrations from many source systems

Designed for business users to manage directly

Remove any dependency on technical resources to build and manage an enterprise-grade data cube.
FinLogic Data Cube offers casual business users an easy-to-navigate interface to build and manage advanced data cubes on your own.

Share team inboxes

Consolidate your data into centralized data cubes to eliminate data silos.

Deliver instant answers

Add version control, and secure user access in a simple and effective manner.

Manage your team

Your data will be mapped to dimensions and hierarchies within a data cube for optimal governance.

Dimensions & Hierarchies

Dimensions within a data cube are based on business categories. Examples include Accounts, Scenarios, Departments, Measures, Entities, and Periods.
Each dimension has members across levels which forms a hierarchy. All members roll up to the dimension level. A member within a hierarchy can be a sibling, parent or child to another member. Cube panel dimensions & hierarchies interface

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