Close the Accounting Execution Gap

Combine calculation and workflow engines and other enterprise features with Google Sheets.  Finally own your financial consolidation, financial close and other accounting processes.

The most friendly experience for accounting teams to do their work

Accountants love spreadsheets! combines needed features of a corporate system with spreadsheet logic.

The result is a robust platform to manage your data and workflow challenges while at the same time keeping your users within the most friendly interface.

Take back control of your accounting processes with our complete platform

Financial Close

Make your close process shorter, more automated, collaborative, and accurate.

Financial Consolidation

Replace spreadsheet errors and manual effort with a powerful consolidation engine.

Account Reconciliation

Configure a reconciliation method that works for you. Automate what can be automated and quickly identify what needs manual intervention.


Make reporting painless and intuitive guided by workflows and approvals.

Cash Flow

Gain a real-time cash management view. More quickly match payments to invoices.

Intercompany Elimination

Replace your manual process with an optimized solution to approve, review and reconcile your inter-company transactions faster.

Streamline Audits

Provide your auditors with a restrictive access and give them confidence your process is managed by modern software controls.

Exception & Variance Analysis

Launch any multi-dimensional analysis from the comfort of your spreadsheet or integrated to your favorite BI. Improved insight into risks and discrepancies.

Transaction Matching

Easily import data from multiple sources to perform more accurate transaction matching with less manual effort.

Task Management

Apply a consolidated productivity platform that includes workflows, audit trail, status tracker and tasks to all of your processes to immediately gain more insight, accurate and velocity.

Accounting Data Hub

Don’t just deploy software automation to move bad data around quicker. provides a data transformation solution to ensure your centralized database is always accurate, structured and represents your single source of truth.

Why as your next accounting automation platform?

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Your data will be centralized with strong governance.


Bring in data from any ERP or Accounting System.

Strong security features including user authentication and encryption.

Optimize the user experience with our Google Sheets interface.


Your calculation performance will be cloud-based and cutting-edge.

You will eliminate manual and redundant activities and enjoy automation.


Your monthly, quarterly, and annual processes will be guided by a modern workflow including tasks, status tracker, audits, and approvals.

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