Solve your most difficult FP&A challenges without obliterating your technology budget

Today's modern cloud technology has driven down the costs of deploying robust FP&A software. was built for enterprises seeking higher performance, ease of use and lower costs.
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Combine enterprise scalability and performance with a simplified user experience was designed to empower business users to remain in control within the spreadsheet logic most finance and accounting teams are familiar with.
Avoid the complex and proprietary coding that traditional solutions rely on to deploy and manage FP&A models.
Key Benefits
Eliminate ongoing training costs
New employees are productive 80% faster
Lower total cost of ownership by up to 90%

Bring your big data!

Today’s FP&A teams are challenged by the continuous growth of large data sets.
Load your financial and operational data to, and it will keep scaling without limits even up to billions of data points.
Key Benefits
Reduce time to perform analysis across your big data by 98%
Capture all relevant data to support key business decisions
Unlock trends hidden in your data
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Stop wasting time getting lost navigating legacy software

Remove complexity from the user experience so that they can focus on getting their jobs done. allows your business users to navigate with ease with a no-code platform that is intuitive and utilizes familiar spreadsheet logic.
Key Benefits
Eliminate ongoing training costs
New employees are productive 80% faster
Lower total cost of ownership by up to 90%

Scale to unlimited data cubes!

Avoid SMB and pre-configured point solutions that limit you to a single database.
The architecture permits it to scale to unlimited and interconnected data cubes. This approach addresses the most advanced FP&A use cases.
Each cube is based on a logical structure of data dimensions and hierarchies to support specific business processes.
Key Benefits
Consolidate multiple solutions from finance and accounting to business processes under the umbrella of a single connected platform
Allow each business area to own their own tailored solution
100x capacity increase
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Accelerate team collaboration to get work done faster and more efficiently

We understand that solving your big data challenges is not enough. You have a large team that needs to coordinate together. For this reason includes a no-code visual workflow and task system to coordinate all activities and approvals between users.
Our workflow will not limit you to data. You can add any file including Microsoft Office, PDFs and more to our workflows.
Key Benefits
Improve time to complete budgets, forecast and reports by 50%
A guided workflow will facilitate adding more casual business users to your process

Additional Enterprise Capabilities at a Glance

Manage multi-currency

We have clients managing over 30 currencies with ease.

Analyze millions of data points in real time

Big data will crash spreadsheets and break SMB solutions. Our platform was purposely architected and stress tested to support massive data sets.

Manage multiple entities

Does your organization have a complex entity structure? can accommodate any complex entity structure.

Data Transformation Layer

Do you believe your source data is riddled with errors? With, you can fix duplicate data, data loaded to incorrect fields, and other common errors.

Connect FinLogic to as many data sources in real time as your heart desires

Some clients have direct real-time connections to over 25 source systems, including multiple ERPs, data warehouses, CRM, HRIS, and more.

Load thousands of users was designed to support large user populations accessing the platform simultaneously without impacting their performance.

Security was designed with data and access security in mind. All data is encrypted, and data access can be limited to the most granular level.

Proven cloud technology components takes advantage of the advancements in cloud technologies to provide a robust platform driven by the most proven and enterprise-ready components available.

Spreadsheet automation with no-code modeling is a flexible platform able to automate any business model designed on a spreadsheet. Anything you can imagine on a spreadsheet can be converted into a corporate system with modern features.
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