Anaplan has recognized that modern finance teams are gravitating towards Google Sheets

April 29, 2022

Anaplan has released an add-on to Google Sheets.  Anaplan’s Google Sheet Add-On page describes this feature as follows:

“Use the Anaplan Google Sheets Add-on to create a connection between an Anaplan module and a Google worksheet.  This enables you to work with your Anaplan data in Google Sheets.“

If you’re in corporate finance, you have surely heard of Anaplan, a leading planning cloud-based software for large enterprises.  Anaplan was founded in 2006, and its founding team had a vision that enterprises would move to the cloud for their corporate and departmental planning needs.

The execution of this vision has led Anaplan to remarkable success since its inception leading to an IPO in 2018, nearly 2,000 clients, and a recently announced acquisition by Thoma Bravo for $10.7B.

If you read Anaplan’s latest 10-K released on March 23rd, 2022, there is no secret that its goal is to drive massive recurring revenue contracts with the world’s largest enterprises.

They released impressive industry-leading financial results as highlighted in this 10-K:

  • Their top 25 clients spend a staggering average of $5M annually 
  • 29% of their entire client base spends over $250,000 annually

It should not surprise that a platform with this price tag boasts a large community of specialized experts to support its clients’ needs.

As described in Anaplan’s 10-K:

“Our ecosystem includes skilled Anaplan users and dedicated professionals from Certified Model Builders and Solution Architects to Certified Master Anaplanners, spread throughout our customer and partner communities.”

We should expect leading platforms like Anaplan to accommodate popular user trends like Google Sheets integration.

The question becomes -

If your user community prefers to live within Google Sheets to plan, forecast, and analyze, should you carry the price tag of a platform like Anaplan?

If that navigation takes place on Google Sheets instead of the proprietary Anaplan planning grids directly, is there an alternative platform you can consider for a much lower investment?

A platform that is also powered by a high-performance datacube.

A platform that is also fully integrated with Google Sheets.

Try to have a similar experience planning within Google Sheets without the market-leading price tag.

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