Data Visualization Overview and Best Practices

January 25, 2023 has released a quick and helpful guide on the topic of Data Visualization. FP&A teams know all too well the importance of telling stories behind the numbers. Data visualization is one of the most critical communication tools finance teams can leverage for this purpose. 

This guide covers the following topics:

  1. Why even bother with data visualization? This includes understanding who is the audience, what they want to know and how to best communicate your content 
  2. How to properly plan and organize huge amounts of data into a data visualization strategy 
  3. The basics of design you need to master to be effective at data visualization
  4. How to select the right chart type 
  5. How to communicate clearly using charts 
  6. Data visualization best practices to keep in mind 
  7. Common pitfalls to avoid at all costs 

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