Deploy these 4 strategies to attract and retain top Accounting and FP&A Talent

December 22, 2022

Competition to hire and retain top accounting and FP&A talent is as fierce as ever. Hiring managers are struggling to fill seats and once filled are devastated when they are unable to retain their talent. Part of this challenge is due to a decline in the talent supply. There is a trend reported by a recent article of younger professionals shying away from a career in accounting and FP&A. The article calls for a rebranding of this profession to make it a more attractive destination for these professionals. 

The 4 tips offered include:

  1. Continuous investments in Back-Office Tech
  2. Embrace Flex work
  3. Higher Pay
  4. Rotate Accountants through Finance 

The first tip is critical as too many corporate finance shops expect their talented accounting and FP&A teams to waste 50% to 75% of their working hours on mundane and manual spreadsheet tasks. Today’s younger professionals who are extremely tech-savvy and used to very cool consumer apps are forced to take a time machine to an era some 30 to 40 years ago when spreadsheet tools represented the most modern tools available. 

Invest in a modern FP&A and Accounting Automation like to help attract and retain young professionals to your team. 

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