Digital Transformation is the top CFO Priority for 2022

December 6, 2022

The Hackett Group is a professional services and advisory firm with deep expertise in conducting research and surveys to capture trends and priorities at the C-Level.

A research released earlier this year by the Hackett Group focused on uncovering the top priorities and concerns for finance leaders in 2022. They uncovered two major items as part of this research.

  • Digital Transformation is the most important finance initiative this year 
  • CFOs are concerned about their ability to execute due to their perceived gaps in both technology and talent

Additional areas covered by this research includes:

  • Inflation remains a top concern 
  • Digital Transformation is now the top priority for CFOs
  • Budgets and Staffing continue to shrink 
  • Three critical areas for development are covered including accelerating finance digital transformation, increasing their staff’s skills and enabling the finance team to become more dynamic and nimble

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