Don’t make one of these 10 common Forecasting mistakes

December 14, 2022

The global FP&A community is stronger together when we collaborate on best practices. With that in mind, Josh Aharonoff who is a social media influencer on FP&A topics has offered a great guide with the 10 most common forecasting mistakes. 

The ten common mistakes are:

  1. Does not include 3 financial statements 
  2. Does not include Actuals
  3. Chart of Accounts don’t match to accounting software
  4. Cash is not dynamic 
  5. Inputs & assumptions are not consolidated 
  6. No error checks
  7. No ongoing analysis on 
  8. Forecast not compiled collaboratively
  9. Information is too complex to understand and update 
  10. Data is not shown on an annual, quarterly, and monthly basis

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