Google Sheets offers over 14 common sense functions that Excel desperately needs

May 9, 2022

In the not-so-distant past, it was believed Microsoft Excel offered such a robust set of spreadsheet functions that no other vendor would ever offer anything close to it. Some people once thought that nothing could ever possibly topple the addiction users had for their Blackberries.

Sometimes it’s good to reminisce on the technology of yesterday.

Excel is still a dominant spreadsheet, but it no longer occupies the spreadsheet summit alone.

A recent article from identifies 14 Google Sheets functions that Excel lacks and should consider adopting.

“Microsoft Excel is a full-featured, commonly used spreadsheet application, but it’s not perfect. Its longtime rival Google Sheets offers features that Excel does not, including many helpful functions. Let’s take a look!”

Google Sheets will only continue to evolve as few vendors have shown the same tenacity to continuously innovate their software, focusing on user experience as Google.

Anyone serious about their finance career today is under constant pressure to update their technology skills constantly. Your next team could be a Google Sheets shop. If you’re an Excel power user, there’s no time like the present to transfer your knowledge over to Google Sheets.