How College Students Can Prepare for a Career in FP&A?

July 14, 2023

Are you a college student wondering about what career path to take after graduation? Have you considered a career in Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)? If you are interested in a career that combines finance and strategy, then FP&A may be the perfect fit for you. 

FP&A professionals play an integral role in a company's decision-making process by providing insights based on financial data analysis. They are responsible for financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. This field requires a combination of financial acumen, business strategy, and analytical skills. If you are considering a career in FP&A, here are the top ten pieces of advice for you:

  1. Take courses related to finance and accounting: This knowledge will be a great foundation for your future career in FP&A.
  2. Participate in internships: Internships provide valuable experience and networking opportunities.
  3. Develop your analytical skills: Companies are looking for candidates who can analyze, interpret, and present data effectively.
  4. Build your Excel skills: FP&A requires strong Excel skills for financial modeling and data analysis.
  5. Build soft skills: Effective communication, teamwork, and project management skills are crucial for an FP&A career.
  6. Understand the industry: Educate yourself on the industry you want to work in. This will help you understand the company's financial performance better.
  7. Be intellectually curious: FP&A requires constant learning and the ability to adapt to changes.
  8. Network: Connect with people working in FP&A and attend events to network with industry professionals.
  9. Stay updated on technology: FP&A professionals are required to use the latest technology in data analysis.
  10. Pursue certifications: Certifications like CFA, CPA, or FP&A can give you an edge in employment opportunities.

FP&A offers a career with a dynamic and rewarding work environment. As an FP&A professional, you will have the opportunity to use your skills in finance, strategy, and analytics to help companies make informed decisions. By following these ten pieces of advice, you will be on your way to a fantastic career in FP&A.