Improve your Google Sheets visuals by changing the theme color

July 5, 2022

The best FP&A teams understand they need to tell a story behind the numbers. The visual presentation is part of great storytelling when using tools such as Google Sheets. Executives and business leaders will be more engaged if your numbers tell a story and come across in a visually appealing way. More engagement means your analysis will have a more profound impact on decision-making and strategy formation at your organization.

So you’re all in on creating great visuals within Google Sheets!

When we think of visually appealing templates, we also think of color. We want a color that reflects our brands and helps us tell a better story.

Sophia Whitham has authored this article on MakeUseOf with easy-to-follow instructions to change your Google Sheets color theme.

Sophia writes:

“So you’ve created a great spreadsheet in Google Sheets filled with graphs, tables, and data, but it doesn’t suit your brand. What can you do? Instead of manually changing each individual element, you can save a ton of time by changing your spreadsheet theme instead.“

Her point is simple. Don’t waste time manually adjusting each artifact’s color in your document. Instead, deploy a unified color theme across the template all at once.

A color theme supports collaboration to prevent a team member from making overly creative color choices that veer away from your desired template look, feel, and branding.