Learn how to save Google Sheets to your desktop and use it offline! 

August 5, 2022

The biggest gripe many Excel fanatics use as an excuse to avoid the adoption of Google Sheets is that they need to continue to work on their files offline. These are workaholics, after all, who cannot limit their spreadsheet analysis to when they have an internet connection. What if you find yourself ice fishing, camping, or want to take a break when climbing a 20,000-foot mountain to update your spreadsheet model? How can a corporate finance company ever adopt a spreadsheet that does not allow its team members to access it while they’re on a jungle tour without internet access? That would be unthinkable.

We can finally remove the ‘offline’ excuse from this list. Yes, that means the hardcore Excel secret society will need to be even more creative to block their organizations from adopting Google Sheets. Never mind the irony that these same organizations are likely deploying many critical operational systems like their ERP as cloud-based. That’s the ERP! “We don’t need to access mission critical systems offline, only spreadsheets.” Ok, that’s fair. Let’s show you how to do exactly that with Google Sheets.

In his article for Lifewire, writer Jon Martindale provides step-by-step instructions to download individual Google Sheets documents or even all of your documents all at once locally to your desktop.

Jon summarizes his article:

This article explains how to download Google spreadsheets from Google Sheets in a few different ways.

Here is where the Excel fan base will have something to celebrate. Google Sheets makes it extremely easy to download any document to your local Excel. There you can play with your spreadsheet offline and later easily upload it again to Google Sheets. Google does not try to fight against Excel. It understands the value of interoperability with it to make users' lives easier. Now you can rest assured that next time you’re out boating and your single engine breaks down, you can kill time while you wait for help by updating your Google Sheets documents offline.