Learn this PowerBI Design Secret

November 21, 2022

PowerBI and most modern BI Platforms require creative developers to launch amazing dashboards that tell a business story and support critical decisions.

There are three important components to keep in mind when designing your PowerBI dashboards.

#1 - It all starts with the data. You can develop the most visually stunning dashboards known to the universe and your project will fail if you’re relying on data that suffers from quality issues. Focus on high-quality data input as the first step of a successful PowerBI project.

#2 - Think about the visuals you want to incorporate into your dashboard to tell a story behind the numbers. This article provides access to the top ten best data visualization examples.

#3 - Figure out the design pattern that your overall dashboard will follow. 

A recently published report by BIBB offers a design secret to save tons of time by using existing patterns as a baseline for your next PowerBI project.

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