MongoDB stock is up over 500% during last 3 years

December 29, 2021

While we all know stock market movement is not always rational, consistent performance across 3 years can be a good indicator of sustained performance. For a software vendor, that usually means they have developed a superior product that has proven its value to a wide range of customers and use cases.

The database market is arguably one of the most difficult product categories within architecture software to compete in. Vendors have to succeed in a fiercely competitive arena which includes some of the largest technology vendors in the world such as Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle as well as open source as a host of upstarts.

MongoDB has found success by providing a noSQL database platform built to power big data and modern business applications. Contrast MongoDB’s noSQL database to the traditional SQL database also known as the relational database. The relational database gained popularity in the 1980s in providing strong data governance and performance for systems of all stripes. Nearly all ERPs continue to be powered by a relational database.

The growth of big data via all things internet has gone beyond what a relational database is able to adequately support. A company can store its own internal records inside a relational database such as their ERP transactions. If they try to store the billions of data points created by their e-commerce platform, mobile apps and IoT (internet of things) devices, the relational database can quickly underperform and ultimately simply fail. In other words, the relational database was not built to support today’s world of big data. FP&A cloud is 100% powered by MongoDB. This selection was made to provide enterprise clients with the best available database performance available in the market today. While other FP&A vendors are still dependent on relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Servers, and yet others have gone down the path of developing their own proprietary database, believes a partnership with MongoDB is able to drive the most performance at the lowest cost to our clients.

While not all FP&A data is big data, it doesn’t hurt to have the superpowers of MongoDB’s market leading modern database at your fingertips. The FP&A team has requirements to quickly model and analyze across many data dimensions. These analyses can take a very long time to process with proprietary databases that are not overall market leaders or the traditional relational database.

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