New Google Sheets feature released: People Chips

December 27, 2021

Google continues to innovate Google Sheets with so many new features that it's only a matter of time before it is the only viable spreadsheet anyone ever uses. For now Google Sheets has to settle with only having over a billion users.

You are already able to comment to other users within a Google Sheets cell. This new feature is not meant to replace that capability. You would think a feature called People Chips could be related to user collaboration. Rather it is to bring in attributes of your contacts into the cell. The new People Chips feature allows you to insert cell-level information on not only contacts but also on files, dates and events.

It is yet one more tool in your arsenal to roll out creative templates within Google Sheets to support a variety of business functions.

The name of this feature can be a bit misleading at first glance. Dive in to understand what it is and how you can use it on your next Google Sheets project.

This article provides a starting place for additional background to this new feature.

If you really want to dive into the feature there is no better place to turn to than going directly to the source. This Google documentation page offers just that.