Ready to take your Google Sheets expertise to the next level? Here are 6 Sheets functions to get you started

October 11, 2021

In his 17 minute YouTube videoRyan Shelley describes the following 6 Google Sheets functions to aid the SEO role. 

  • LEN

While Ryan’s target is SEO, these functions can be equally powerful for other roles, including accounting and finance.

The growth of Online Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel dominated the prior technology generation of locally installed spreadsheets, and Google Sheets is a dominant online spreadsheet. It experienced a first-mover advantage with a launch date of 2006 and is a formidable option to Excel online which was released much later.

The adoption trend of online spreadsheets delivered directly within the browser will likely continue. The ease of navigation of keeping users within the browser and ever growing collaboration features only available on the browser will likely lead to an eventual end to the stand-alone spreadsheet software.  

Most companies in operation for ten or fewer years overwhelmingly select online productivity tools, including Google Workspace, including access to Google Sheets. Equally, a growing number of high school and college students perform all their work on Google Workspace.