Save time by using the Sequence function in Google Sheets

June 27, 2022

What is the Sequence Function? 

In this article, the author,  Andrew Carter describes this function as: 

“SEQUENCE is a function that auto-fills cells in Google Sheets depending on the parameters you give in the formula. It works by sequentially counting from where you tell it to into all the cells you specify. Each cell should contain unique values, which will make building certain spreadsheet types easier. “ 

Why bother with this function?

Functions can help you speed up your spreadsheet work with large data sets by providing short-cuts. There is always more spreadsheet work ahead, so use functions to become more productive by reducing manual effort.  

Do you find yourself manually typing numbers next to your data today? 

Learn how to use the Sequence function in Google Sheets with the step by step guide provided by the above mentioned article.