Take your PowerBI Advanced Analytics to the next level

February 16, 2023

Microsoft has dominated the crowded analytics software market, also known as Business Intelligence, with its PowerBI offering. PowerBI has taken the market by storm with its combination of flexibility, ease of use, and incredible power to scale to any advanced analytics need.

A recent guide released directly by Microsoft titled “Advanced Analytics with PowerBI’ covers the main topics you will need to master with this tool.

In this guide, you will find the following content:

  • Predictive analytics with Azure
  • R integration
  • Quick Insights feature
  • Data grouping and Binning
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Setup of real-time streaming data sets
  • Community-sourced visualizations
  • R visualizations
  • Custom visualizations
  • Azure services
  • DirectQuery
  • Data fetching with the R connector
  • Data shaping in Power Query with R
  • Data analysis expressions

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Access the complete guide.