The Game Plan for New CFOs to Follow for their First Year

December 8, 2022

You just started your first day as a new CFO. Do you just wing it or is there a plan you can follow? 

Whether you are a veteran CFO who joined a new company or it's your very first time owning this title, this thoughtful guide has been prepared for you. 

CFODive released the CFO’s Guide to the First 365 Days. 

This guide places a focus on collaborating, listening, and understanding the human factor first. Meaning, get to know your team before anything else. 

An additional item that should be included in a guide for the first 356 days is to identify and fill critical technology gaps. New CFOs have the wind behind their sails to enact change in systems and lead technology transformation projects. At the same time, longstanding CFOs can often be an impediment to transformation.

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