The Top 10 Investor KPIs that CFOs Need to Monitor

July 4, 2023

As a CFO, it's important to understand how investors view your company's financial performance. By paying close attention to key financial performance indicators (KPIs), you can help your company attract more investors and increase its overall value. Here are the top ten financial KPIs that potential investors are likely to consider:

  1. Revenue Growth: Investors are interested in companies that show a consistent trend of increasing revenue over time.
  2. Gross Margin: This KPI measures the profitability of a company's products or services. A higher gross margin means that a company is more profitable, which is an attractive feature for investors.
  3. EBITDA Margin: Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA) margin is a measure of operating profitability. Investors are interested in companies that have strong EBITDA margins.
  4. Net Profit Margin: This measures the overall profitability of a company after accounting for all expenses, including taxes and interest. A higher net profit margin is a good sign that a company is performing well financially.
  5. Return on Equity: This measures how efficiently a company is using shareholder's equity to generate profits. Investors are interested in companies with high returns on equity.
  6. Debt-To-Equity Ratio: This ratio helps investors understand how much debt a company has compared to its equity. It's important to maintain an appropriate balance, which is why investors pay close attention to this KPI.
  7. Cash Flow: Investors look for companies with strong cash flow that can cover their expenses and investments. Companies with poor cash flow are a red flag for investors.
  8. Price-to-Earnings Ratio: This KPI measures the current market price of a company's stock compared to its earnings per share. Investors use this as a way to gauge the relative value of a company's stock.
  9. Dividend Yield: Investors are often interested in companies that pay out consistent dividends to shareholders. A higher dividend yield indicates that a company is more financially stable.
  10. Market Capitalization: This measures the overall value of a company in the stock market. Investors often consider market capitalization when making investment decisions.

By monitoring these KPIs closely, CFOs can help their companies attract more investors and increase their overall value. It's important to pay attention to these metrics, as they can have a significant impact on a company's financial performance and attractiveness to investors. By focusing on these KPIs, CFOs can help their company's financial health and long-term success.