Tips to Nail your Interview for a New FP&A Role

November 15, 2022

Whether you’re a junior or a seasoned professional, these tips are good reminders of how to best prepare for your next interview to join a new FP&A team.

Job hunting and interview preparation always require a sharp mental pivot from your day-to-day job. With over 45,000 LinkedIn followers, Nicolas Boucher is a social media influencer on topics related to FP&A.

In a recent blog post, he asks the question:

What are the best resources and/or tips you would share with somebody preparing for an interview for an FP&A role?

Nicolas recommends that job seekers learn to have command over three areas:

  • Ability to perform quick analysis 
  • Manage a budget 
  • Be a great business partner

Which of these three areas represent strengths or weaknesses for you?

To expand on this list, you should also speak to tools and technologies you have leveraged or have certified experience with. Deep experience with the world’s leading spreadsheet programs (Excel and Google Sheets) is always a plus and continues to be a skill in demand. While Excel is very much dominant with most traditional operations, don’t be surprised that most start-ups and companies launched a decade or less ago have fully embraced Google Sheets. In other words, if you plan to work for an FP&A team within the high-technology industry, also sharpen your Google Sheets skills.

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