Top 10 things to manage cash more effectively

June 29, 2023

As the steward of a company's financial resources, the CFO plays a crucial role in managing cash flow and ensuring the organization's long-term financial health. In today's volatile business climate, managing cash effectively is more important than ever. Here are the top ten things a CFO can do to manage the company's cash more effectively:

  1. Develop a cash flow forecast: A cash flow forecast is a critical tool for understanding your company's liquidity needs, including seasonal cash ebbs and flows. Use it to help you anticipate cash needs and manage your cash more effectively.
  2. Create a cash flow dashboard: A dashboard provides a bird's-eye view of cash flow performance, highlighting trends, and discrepancies.
  3. Implement a cash management policy: A cash management policy outlines the company's goals and objectives around cash flow management, such as receiving timely payments and effective expense control.
  4. Improve receivables management: Ensuring timely and regular collection of receivables can help to improve cash flow. Some strategies include sending timely invoices, offering discounts for early payment, and enforcing payment terms.
  5. Reduce inventory: Carrying too much inventory can tie up cash unnecessarily. Conduct regular inventory checks, optimize the ordering process, and review lead times to optimize inventory levels.
  6. Review expenses regularly: Regularly reviewing expenses ensures that they remain reasonable and in line with the company's financial goals.
  7. Create a contingency plan: A contingency plan lays out how the company will manage cash when faced with challenges such as market downturns, unexpected events, or a drop in sales.
  8. Build relationships with lenders: A good relationship with lenders can help in securing the best terms for credit, negotiating better rates, and offering new financing options when needed.
  9. Embrace technology: Technology can help optimize and streamline cash flow operations, for instance, by facilitating online payments, automating invoicing, and providing real-time reporting and analysis.
  10. Foster a culture of financial discipline: Encourage all staff within the company to be mindful of cash flow considerations. Ensure everyone is aware of the company's financial objectives and makes decisions that align with those objectives.

Effective cash management is critical to a company's long-term financial health. By implementing the above ten practices, CFOs can ensure the company's cash management functions are optimized, reducing the risk of unexpected cash flow crunches, and enabling the company to achieve its financial objectives.