Top Tips for a Regional CFO to Earn the Global CFO Job

August 9, 2023

As a regional CFO, it's natural to aim for the position of a global CFO. This role presents a unique set of challenges as you deal with the complexities of managing the finances of a multinational company. If you are committed to earning this position, there are several things you can do to increase your chances. In this blog post, we'll share eight strategies that regional CFOs can use to build their skills and become better candidates for the global CFO role. 

  1. Gain Cross-Cultural Exposure - Get out of your comfort zone and explore different cultures. Attend cultural events, and meet professionals from organizations with diverse cultures and backgrounds. When managing finances globally, you need to consider cultural differences that can influence how a decision is made and collaborate better across international teams.
  2. Develop a Global Mindset - Learn more about the company's footprint, business model, and goals. Understand the global initiatives that the firm is undertaking, and familiarize yourself with the regional and local challenges faced by the organization. Read international news and reports to stay updated.
  3. Build a Global Network - A network of professionals both in and outside the organization may help you better understand and connect with other cultures, and organizational initiatives, and gain visibility. Engage with people within the organization and outside the organization.
  4. Enhance Global Language Skills - It's essential to learn the language spoken in countries where the organization has operations. This will create trust and help you to better communicate across cultures.
  5. Understand Global Compliance and Regulatory Requirements - As a global CFO, you must understand the legal and regulatory frameworks of every country the company operates. Stay informed of all changes and updates, be proactive, and attend relevant seminars, courses, and conferences.
  6. Develop technology expertise - Global organizations are looking for modern CFOs who understand how technology works and can effectively map out a technology roadmap and architecture not only for the back office but also for the entire enterprise. 
  7. Cultivate a Digital Mindset - The digital transformation in finance is rapidly changing how we do business, and as a CFO, you must be ahead of this trend. Create digital strategies that align with the company's goals, and adopt new technologies that can help you effectively manage the finances.
  8. Develop Key Data Analytics and Decision-making Capabilities - Being a global CFO requires a significant emphasis on data analytics and decision-making. You need to understand which data is essential and how to analyze it to guide the company effectively. Advanced analytics skills are a mandatory competency to optimize risk, returns

Execute these eight tips to dramatically improve your chances of being considered for the global CFO role at your company.